January 20, 2011

Our Joy

Tempest June
August 7, 2010

August 5, 2010

Summer Storms

Haven't they been magnificent? Don't get many like these around here. I remember being a nervous 8 year old girl and my own father taking me out on the front porch of our home in Florence, Alabama- placing me on his lap and teaching me the art of thunder and lighting watching. Fear turned into fascination- thanks Pops. Speaking of fascinating, check out these incredible images from the "Bound for Glory: America in Color" collection. Wowza, right? Maybe I'm a 1940's dustbowl girl at heart...

What era fascinates you most?

June 3, 2010

I Can't Stand Kid's Music

But this might actually work out well. If Lucinda and John contributed, it must be worthy! Look for the entire musician lineup, song snippets, and a background story here.

June 2, 2010

"If You Can't Beat 'Em...

you might as well join them." (I guess.)

So, you know you're in Provo/Orem when A, you're shopping at Costco and B, six other obviously pregnant women are shopping there too!
I about crapped my pants! But hey, at least I wasn't wearing Old Navy flip-flops, right?

May 19, 2010

The Baby...

has taken over!

  • My belly popped- yes indeedy, I look like a pregnant gal.
  • People wished me a "Happy Mother's Day." Serious? We can debate that one.
  • On a daily basis, one of four things happen- people ask how the baby's doing, they call me "Mommy," they look at my protruding stomach instead of my eyes when we talk, or they touch my belly! Ahhh!
  • Now I really can't sleep on my stomach. Crap.
  • My hormones have gone off the charts- I guess that's what you get when it's smooth sailing the first two trimesters. Crap again.
Now, I ain't complaining. So don't go on and tell me how it's all worth it, blah, blah. We chose to make this child and I'm beyond thrilled.
  • She kicks and wiggles out a rhythm so sweet, it tops my first contra dancing experience.
  • I look damn cute pregnant. Buy me lunch and you can see for yourself!
  • The crib, changing table/dresser, and rocker have been purchased and that makes my heart melt just thinking about putting together a nursery. Question is... am I obligated to do a "theme?" I hope not!
  • Those white Gerber onesies totally get me. That's all she's going to wear, I swear!

April 22, 2010

I'm Looking For a Tree

Helping people pick out trees and other plants for their yards on a daily basis has proved to be a challenging job.

Does it flower? How long will the blooms last? How wide will it get? Is the root system deep or shallow? Will it tolerate the canyon breeze? Does it need a pollinator? What's the difference between the Autumn Blaze and the October Glory maple trees?

Newsflash! Introduced to me by USU Extension Horticulturist Adrian Hinton, this website is easy to use and was created by the good folks at Utah State University.

The Tree Browser allows you to plug in the characteristics you're looking for in a tree, i.e. Family type, growth rate, drought tolerance, etc. and in turn gives you a list of trees that fit your description along with several different photographs of that tree in different settings. This is an INCREDIBLE resource! Please use it and tell your family and friends about it!

A few current favorites...

Platanus occidentalis- American Sycamore

Fagus sylvatica- Tricolor Beech

Cupressus sempervirens- Italian Cypress

Cercis canadensis- Eastern Redbud

April 6, 2010

21 Weeks & 3 Days

I can't believe it...

The Craftsman and I made a GIRL!

April 1, 2010

Little Letters

Dear Sprout,

You have been growing for 20 weeks and 2 days. This means you're half-baked and over-the-hill! So far we've: been to three doctor's visits, had one ultrasound, completed two bottles of prenatal vitamins and one and a half bottles of fish oil, bought one pair of maternity jeans, and thrown-up zero times. A friend at work told me yesterday I'm destined to have at least 6 children because I haven't been sick. I'm fine with just you for now!

You wiggled fairly obviously for the first time that I could tell during an early morning sacrament meeting, a day shy of your 19 weeks. Oh! It pleases me every time you do your little dance inside, kind of like you're saying, "Hey Ma! I'm here!" Your Papa rests his skin-grafted hands on my lower belly to try and join in on the fun to no avail. I told him to keep being patient, you're getting bigger every day.

We will be finding out your gender next week. Your Dad hopes you're a boy, but thinks you're a girl. I hope you're a girl, but think you're a boy... phew! Whatever your tiny body has decided to become, we're thrilled beyond measure. Just to see the outline of your profile, the curve of your spine, and spindly little legs will keep me high for weeks to come. You're our child! Our flesh and blood! We're so honored you've accepted our invitation to be our guest.

Love your Mama (never Mommy, please?)


March 31, 2010

When You're Bored

Yesterday I counted 89 cigarette butts.


In a used car lot.

In West Valley, UT.


March 15, 2010

Heat in Winter

Want more? Listen to Laura Veirs "Tiny Desk Concert," the first song is my favorite- the genuine slip-up and harmonic wailing... gorgeous!

March 8, 2010

Run Fast!

Boy do I love a good deal! Can't wait to find the perfect spot for both...



Williams-Sonoma Home

Downeast Home (exact same mirror)

February 23, 2010

Spring Is Coming

I can feel it in my bones!

Today I did some spring cleaning- scrubbing the stovetop, cleaning the refrigerator (inside and out), oiling the cabinets- you know the type, once or twice a year get down and dirty cleaning. All of this is being done with upbeat tunes and a window or two cracked open.

Thing is, it felt really, really good.

How do you know spring is on its way?

February 16, 2010

A Little Favor

A little treat for whoever might be reading today. These are gems- remind you of someone you know?

"He's the last of a dying breed. The prehistoric emo only emerges from the depths of his studio apartment when his favorite bands reunite for one last show- and even then, he shows no sign of enthusiasm whatsoever.

Once an avid fan of the underground emo scene, he now cringes at the sight of today's batch of kids. He avoids mainstream media altogether, would rather listen to npr than podcasts and has no idea why anyone would panic at a disco. His favorite thrift stores are now raided by trend-hopping teens, making him resort to wearing the same vintage tees he has had for years.

He cries when he listens to pinkerton and spends days at a time organizing his vinyl collection. he refuses to join the kids on the current social networking sites as he finds them repulsive, yet seems to forget about the long since abandoned makeoutclub account he made years ago.

His casual-yet-somewhat dorky look has become the mainstream, and he is no longer identified as the emo king he once was. Tear."

"Looking something like a mix of Pocahontas and a tornado at a thrift store, the Apple Store Indie is your typical #fauxhemian. Masking her love for Steve Jobs products with whatever your blind grandma wore 40 years ago, she blends in seamlessly with the rest of her contemporaries at All Points West Festival.

Tweeting endlessly about nothing other than questions to a fake Ezra Koenig account, her main source of news is whatever happens to be a trending topic on twitter. Her iphone isn’t just a means to tell people what type of sandwich she is eating, she also uses it to cover Passion Pit’s “Sleepyhead” using only app store instruments with her hipster friends.

Getting musical recommendations from last.fm or whatever Jenny Eliscu and Jake Fogelnest play on satellite radio, her entire “scene” seems to only exist in digital format. The only physical music she owns are vinyl hand me downs that serve as decorative filler for her Ikea Billy bookshelf. She rarely if ever supports her local indie music scene unless it is someone spinning records (see: itunes playlist) at a scenester bar.

Unable to make sales of her diy junk through her etsy store, she has set up shop at a number of craft fairs across the tri state area. Unfortunately everyone else was selling the same trite octopus necklaces, owl earrings and onesies she slapped together. Upset with the lack of enthusiasm towards her creations, she will later blog about it to an audience of spambots."

You can thank me later. First, check out more like these hilarious, but totally accurate posers here.

February 12, 2010

I Like You

Happy Valentines babe.

Not only do I lurv you, but I liiike you too!

So glad we're both here to share it.